Nick McFarlane Is a good keen man; He builds brands. Makes graphics. Designs ad campaigns. Writes books. Eats culture. Paints art. Loves music. Gives talks. Runs workshops. Rides bikes. Skates boards. Works hard. Plays hard. And is always, Hunting the Killer Idea.
His most recent book, Hunting the Killer Idea is a razor sharp guide to the creative process. It not only explores the outer limits of the creative wilderness, but is also a damn good source of inspiration­ and technical expertise. An ideal read for when the challenge of cracking a great idea feels well out of reach.
His inspiration to write about the creative process came from a particularly brutal encounter with a rock star brief. When The Prodigy came knocking and asked him to design their album cover, he thought it was his lucky day. But what started out as the dream brief quickly turned into a nightmare, as the challenge of designing a single iconic image ended up taking over 6 months and hundreds of ideas to nail the elusive killer design.
This random brief came about through The Prodigy coming across his first book Spinfluence. A small book packed with an explosive analysis of the power of propaganda. This one took a mere 7 years to write and illustrate (in his spare time) – but instead of being a labour of love, is in fact an act of protest against the endless wars and accompanying side plate of propaganda we're all being forced to consume.
Nick has combined these stories and more into a ‘hunting yarn’ about the struggle and determination that goes into every creative process. And he's been lucky enough to present this to audiences around the world.
If you're hunting an idea and need some graphic firepower, want to build a brand, provoke debate, grab attention, make a visual statement, or are looking for a speaker to inspire on the subject of creativity – please drop him a line, he’s always keen to chew the fat.
Thank you!
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