I build brands, design comms, create ad campaigns, make social content, dabble with digital, and am embracing AI. Then for fun, I also write books, make art, curate exhibitions, and give the odd lecture to Uni students.

During the day I have the privilege of being Creative Lead for Clemenger New Zealand, specialising in Shopper Marketing. I'm also co-founder of Podium, a web3 tech company operating at the intersection of sport and data.

But what makes me tick? The answer's probably hiding somewhere in the books I've written...

Hunting the Killer Idea is a razor sharp guide to the creative process. It not only reveals how imagination works, but is a damn good source of inspiration­ and technical expertise. An ideal read for when the challenge of cracking a great idea feels well out of reach.

Spinfluence is a beginners guide to propaganda. With tongue firmly in cheek, it purports to extol the virtues of this insidious form of communication, when in fact the book acts as a warning call for vigilance against the warmongers of the world. It has been translated into 2 other languages.

Truthbombs, is a collection of sticker artworks made by 50 artists from around the world. Whilst the art is epic, what's even epic-er is connecting and building community through creativity. Massive shout out to Chloe Baxter for being co-pilot on this.

Spinfluence caught the attention of The Prodigy, who commissioned me to design the cover of their album The Day is my Enemy. What started out as the dream brief quickly turned into a nightmare, as the challenge of designing a single iconic image ended up taking over 6 months and hundreds of ideas to nail the elusive killer design.

It's the creative challenge which makes me tick. When you love what you do, and do what you love, then you'll go on any journey, no matter where it takes you.

Give me a shout if you're keen for a ramble.

Thank you!
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