Feeling the pulse of New Zealand
To understand New Zealanders you need to know what makes them tick, and The Big Ticker uncovers just that. By examining data at a macro and generational level it pinpoints how New Zealanders spend their time, attention and money. It’s a finger on the pulse of New Zealand that tells us precisely what makes hearts flutter.

Proximity New Zealand is a new breed of advertising agency that differentiates itself from competitors by using data to find the growth that’s hard to find. Clients who come to Proximity want their brands to connect with New Zealanders in a very deep, insightful and targeted manner.

The Big Ticker was conceived as a way to demonstrate the agency’s unique skillset around gathering, interpreting, and utilising data in creative ways. The brief was to undertake a research project that would unlock rich insights about what makes Kiwis tick, and then visualise the resulting data in a way that would showcase the agency’s sophisticated offering.

Data can be cold and boring, so an emotive subject was chosen to coax out the general public’s primal urges and desires. LOVE became the question, concept, visual symbol and structural backbone of the project all in one.

Each letter transforms into a graph, attributed to a specific question; What do we love about Aotearoa New Zealand? What do we love doing? What do we love exploring? And, What do we love spending our money on?

Data animates through the four letters, revealing fascinating insights about each generation; Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers+. Each generation is indexed against ‘All Kiwis’ to reveal differences and similarities.
Design Director: Nick McFarlane
Senior Designer: Reuben Hannaford


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